Rain - The Making of

By now if you follow us you've heard the song "Rain" and seen the music video that has been out for about a month! I (Molly) thought I'd share a bit about the process of writing the song, and about my experience working with the artist behind the animation. In case you haven't seen the video, here it is again:

“Rain” was a songwriting experiment for me - I wanted to see if I could write something with almost completely static harmony (an idea my composition teacher Marc Lowenstein gave me) that could still hold listeners' interest throughout. As my songwriting process began, I was sitting at a table in the CalArts coffee shop with a notebook, staring at the other humans around me. I jotted down notes about my experience, and began contemplating what it means to connect with someone else. Sometimes, I thought, you can lose yourself in another person, even when you don't have a relationship with them. It happens even when you're observing them and feel a sense of admiration, jealousy or curiosity. I was interested in this aspect, rather than the widely-covered idea of losing oneself in a lover. As a result of my coffee shop writing session, the metaphoric lyrics "you feel the rain (the rain of emotions caused by your experience of someone else), you fall (falling into a pit of self-doubt, or imagining what this stranger's life is like, or getting lost in your new infatuation with them)"  were born, and subsequently married with the drone-like chord progression and giant crescendo that is "Rain". 

 A little while later, a really great thing happened.. I met Spanish artist Ana Pérez López! Well, first I caught a glimpse of some of her animation work, and then I introduced myself and asked her to collaborate. After talking about the concept, we shared Pinterest boards back and forth. I was happy to discover that she totally got it - all the photos she shared with me fit right into the mood I was hoping for, and of course so did the storyboards, clips, and final product as she sent them to me throughout the process. Here are the links to our two Pinterest boards, in case you're curious: 

Molly's "Rain" Pinterest Board

Ana's "Rain" Pinterest Board


Anyway, the entire process was new to me but so much fun. Ana proceeded to create a film that captured the song's psychological journey through surrealist imagery and psychedelic storytelling. It feels so amazing to have this piece of art out in the world, and I hope others enjoy it as much as I do!

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